New Obsession - THOZ MD

So, I think I may have mentioned before, I am not a huge beauty and skincare guru. However, as I get older, yes I am now 30 folks, I have learned to respect my skin more than ever. Maybe, it's all the extra sun I have been soaking up in Florida, or just inevitable with time, but I have noticed over the last year or so, a major need for more moisturizing, hydrating, wrinkle prevention and (of course) sun protection. If you know me or have seen any closeup pics, I am quite the freckle face. And because of this, I am also in need of some correction to level out my skin tone. That right there, is what has been the hardest for me. It's not so easy to find a product that can help me out with that. 

Lucky for me, one of the first friends I met in Miami, Raine, introduced me to her skincare line developed in the lab by her husband, Daniel, whom runs his own Plastic Surgery practice here in Miami. If I am going to trust someone with my skin, aside from my dermatologist, it would be Dr. Calva. I tried out a few of their THOZ, MD products and became impressed, relatively quickly. It has only been about a month of usage and I have noticed one thing right away - how smooth and soft the Rose Cleansing Foam makes my face. doesn't make me break out. The results of evening out blemishes and brightening my skin will take a little longer. However, I am committed to getting my skin to be as healthy as possible, so it'll be worth the application once a morning and night. I highly recommend trying out the THOZ MD Daily Replenishing Serum and Aha Botanical Brightening Gel. These are two products that get me very excited, especially knowing I am not breaking the bank (all THOZ products range from $25-$69). A skincare regime that will aid my health longterm is something I am happy to do. I am slowly adding to my list of Rachel approved skincare products, as I continue to educate myself on what is safe, and works. Shop my current few favs, linked below. I will keep you posted on my longterm success (fingers crossed) and any other wonderful products that find their way into my medicine closet! If you haven't already entered the THOZ MD giveaway on Instagram, head there NOW. Giveaway product pictured directly below! xo RCN