Rompin' Around


Plant shopping continues in this household! I guess it never really stops... This past weekend we put a pep in our step and began to work on decorating our balcony. It is not complete yet, I still have some furniture to find, rugs to put down, and lights to put up, but we made a dent. We headed down to Homestead, FL, the land of all plants, flowers, and cacti. A dream! First, we made my must stop visit to Isaac Farms, where I picked up some giant terra-cotta cube pots and then we ventured onto other nurseries in search of anything to green up our outdoor space.

In what felt like 95 degree heat this weekend, I survived by wearing a romper/dress from Zara. Sometimes rompers can be a hit or miss for me. Some just don't like my hips and tend to sit awkwardly, but this bright magenta floral number, disguised as a wrap dress, was perfect for romping' around plant shopping. The flowy sleeves and hidden shorts allowed me to stretch as far across the plant aisle as I wanted and no-one ever discovered what type of underwear I was wearing! ;) Shop the look below.  xo RCN 

Get The Look.jpg