Father's Day Gift Guide


Stubhub Giftcard

Chances are pretty high that Dad is into some sort of sport or music. How about an online gift card to Stubhub, where he can purchase tickets to an event that fits perfectly into his schedule. Or, if you know what date and time works, just order the tickets direct on Stubhub and surprise him on Father's Day!

Beach Chair

Maybe Dad frequents the beach or goes once a year. Either way a good beach chair makes all the difference whenever he is sitting facing that ocean blue. As an avid beach goer myself, I recommend a throne must include a head rest, wooden sturdy arms with hard cut out drink holders (otherwise the soft kind are too flimsy for bottles and cups), and the height can't be too low to the ground, but also not too high. This Copa chair marks all the checkmarks! Happy beaching with Dad.

Joe's stone Crab

Joe's Stone Crab

Joe's stone crab is the famous establishment in South Beach, Miami known for their Florida stone crab claws. If you have never had stone crab claws, well you are missing out! You can order online for overnight delivery to just about anywhere. Choose your size and quantities and join Dad on Sunday for a perfect seafood feast. An order of the key lime pie is also a really good idea!

SanDisk IXpand flash drive

This is a great gift for the guy that takes a lot of pictures and videos on his phone. This flash drive allows transfer of files (big too) quickly from phone to any computer (or opposite) by using a USB port.  The best part about this, is that Dad's phone or your phone or anyone that uses this flash drive, does not have to have their phone synced with the computer device you are transferring to and from. It doesn't link with iTunes or anything, it just simply drops the files you select from your phone or computer.

Chef Buddy 19 pc Grill Tool Set

If Dad has a grill and likes to grill, maybe it's time for a shiny new set of grilling tools. Nothing like an organized and fresh set of tools, even ones for the grill. Wrap up a few fresh cuts from the local butcher and join Dad for a cookout to celebrate him.

Columbia Shirt

Columbia Shirt

Whether your Dad likes to fish, hang at the beach, or just spends the occasional Saturday outside mowing the lawn or watching a soccer game, these shirts are perfect. They are comfortable, and lightweight with a vented back for cooling. It's the shirt you want to be wearing for pretty much any outdoor Summer activity. And, they come in 19 colors! My Dad lovesss these shirts, so will yours.

Pizzacraft PizzaQue Oven

Pizzacraft PizzaQue Oven

This pizza oven is the quickest and best way to get a nice homemade crunchy pizza. You'll be happy to achieve the perfect crust in just six minutes once this bad boy gets rolling. Z and I gifted this to our families for Christmas and they love it! We have already tested it out quite a few times at the Nord house. Add on the PizzaQue oven stand/legs as a second gift to help make this a more permanent fixture on the back patio. Also available at Walmart.

Take Dad golfing. Go somewhere nearby, it doesn't have to be the fanciest course. Heck, you don't even need to know how to play. If Dad enjoys golf, he'll love to teach you and spend an afternoon or morning just spending time with you and sharing something he loves to do. (but maybe go to a driving range or for a trial run before - if you are any bit' as competitive as me)

Harrys Shave club

Harry's Shave Kit

So most Dad's shave, right? It's always worth it to change up products once in a while, even Dad. S,o why not give Dad a new option that he'll likely fall in love with, like Harry's? You can order him a kit all ready to go and then if he likes it, you can order him the plan or subscription for his bday or next holiday!

Dress shirts

If Dad often dresses up, (for work) then a dress shirt is likely something he'l like, a lot, because he can never get enough of them. If you know Dad's size, it'll be easy, just keep in mind if he likes a pocket, button down collars, patterns or solids? Also to note, try to stay clear of the all too many "trim fits" out there, unless Dad really is super trim! A tie, is a perfect add on to this gift. Wrap it all up together and gift complete.

Garment Bag

For the traveling Dad. A garment bag is sometimes all Dad may need for the quick one night trip he does for business, or for the suit he is packing for the wedding this weekend. I gifted Z one a few years ago and he has gotten a lot of use out of his.

Omaha Steaks

Steak, poultry, seafood, you name it, Omaha has it. Select Dad's favorite sirloin cut, bacon wrapped, or not. And how about a nice bottle of wine or cheese baked potatoes to go along with? It may seem cliche, but Omaha has been known for some pretty killer meat that I'm sure Dad will enjoy, especially if he likes to grill and cook, too.


Mother's Day Gift Guide

For all the last minute shoppers out there, I am often in this bunch, here are some great ideas for Mom. If you are like me, it's always tough to buy something for someone, that you think might have everything, you can't buy clothes for, she lives far away, you feel like you always give her a scarf, etc.! These ideas work from anywhere and for anyone. Of course, always add a personal touch, that can come with an endearing card and beautiful gift wrap. Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! Click images below to shop online and check inventory in stores near you. Now, hurry, you only have a few days! xo RCN

Books are great gifts, especially if you know what your Mom may be interested in. Does she like history? gossip? beach reads? tear jerkers? biographies? Barnes & Noble, and any book store, for that matter, has more than a enough options to pick from. That's the problem, there are so many!  So, I narrowed it down for you. Here are a few of my favorites that are great for all the kinds of Moms. 

If Mom likes to cook, but also may be a super busy lady, then a gift of food and recipe delivery is right up her alley. Every once in a while, everyone likes a break from something - like grocery shopping and food prepping. A gift card to Hello Fresh or Blue Apron is an easy way for Mom to pick out some tasty recipes, without having to shop the grocery isles for all the ingredients. The recipe, instructions, and prepped ingredients are all delivered right to her front door. Mom can enjoy easy cooking and tasting a new menu on the family table. Each week, new dishes are offered for selection by the one and only, Mom. Bon appetite!

Sometimes it's not so easy shopping for clothes for your mom, but accessories- yes! How about shoes? Whether your Mom likes to dress up or down, Soludos come in soooo many styles, patterns, embroideries, and colors. They take only a couple wears to break in, which is pretty good for shoes. Search for a quirky pair with flamingos or lemons, something that fits your Mom's character, or go for a chic chambray, stripe, or natural linen. Soludos are sold online and carried in store at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks, Dillards, Urban Outfitters, and other boutiques. Head to your nearest mall and you'll likely find a perfect fit.

A lot of florists are beginning to fill up for deliveries on Mother's Day, but they may still have some glorious blooms available for purchase in store. Give the florist, closest to Mom's house, a call and order...right now! If delivery isn't an option because the Florist is already too busy, then hopefully you have the opportunity to visit Mom on Mother's Day and hand deliver. You can even stop at a farmers market, Whole Foods, or artisan grocery store to select from the best of bunches for a better bargain. The flowers do not have to be formal, a nice bunch wrapped in brown paper and bakers twine, makes for a beautiful bouquet. A great place to get inspiration is Bouqs.com. Unfortunately, they are booked through Mother's Day this year, so you can't order direct for a timely delivery. However, the website has some great inspiration for "farm to table" floral bouquets that you can pull together yourself, if you can get your hands on paper and string. Keep Bouqs in mind for your next holiday or floral order.

Wrap up a nice bottle of Mom's favorite Chardonay and include a gift card to Painting With A Twist (if there is one near your location). I'm sure you have heard of these wine and paint nights, if you haven't already attended one yourself. Even if Mom isn't an "artist", this could be really fun. Does she like wine? It's a nice way to do something together with Mom. If there isn't a Painting With A Twist near you, there is likely another wine and paint group or studio nearby, just google!

Having nice manicured nails is a dream. Some women often have them done, but it's still a dream. Every time you look at your well manicured finger nails and pedicure, it gives you a sense of cleanliness and beauty that is desired by a lot of ladies, myself included. Mom may get them done every week, or hardly ever. Either way, she would enjoy going to the salon with you, or if you live across the globe, send her to her favorite place nearby. Maybe order her a few polishes in advance and she can bring them along to the nail salon when she goes. You can pick up a few Essie bottles at almost every drugstore. Shop one of the latest Spring collections, below.

Let them eat cake, but Mom first! Bake Mom a pretty cake, as pretty as you can make it. Grandkids can help decorate, or just do it yourself and then place it on the prettiest of cake stands that you know Mom will just heart. It is a wonderful leave behind that Mom can use for future gatherings. Cake stands are wonderful for not only cakes, but serving appetizers, other desserts, and setting a tablescape for a party. If Mom has the kitchen to store it or loves to entertain, then she will be happy to have a pretty piece like this. Homegoods, Target, Walmart, Crate and Barrel, Sur La Table - they all have cake stands! Oh, and if you don't have time to make the cake, pick it up at a bakery. If Mom likes Carrot, then that's what you bring to Mother's Day brunch.

The cool thing about an outdoor blanket, is it can be used for multiple things. Beach, camping, picnic, soccer game, just sitting on the deck or balcony at night. There are many stylish finds out there right now, my favorites are linked below. If you need to find one quick, try Target or your local department store! It's a great combo gift with some of the other mentions - espadrilles or a book!

Mini gardens are just divine. If you are going to be able to spend some time with Mom on Mother's Day, this is the perfect giftivity to do with Mom! Wrap up some glass jars, bowls, or whatever cool item you can stumble upon at Homegoods, Marshalls, Michaels, Target, (or Terrain if you are lucky enough to live nearby). Also, include some sand (good for cacti/succulents), potting soil, pebbles, maybe some moss or a few shells, and of course, the plants. Home Depot or a local nursery will have great options to select from. Depending upon the plants chosen to inhabit your jar, pot, or terrarium, the garden can thrive rather easily with the perfect mixture of water and sunlight. For succulents and cacti, they only need a couple TBSP of water a week and lots of sun. Small leafy plants need only an extra TBSP or 2 of water and a little less time in direct sunlight. Have fun planting and making your very own unique plant home with Mom. For advise on planting and directions, click HERE.

Domino is one of my most favorite editorials. It covers mainly home and interiors, but also highlights fabulous products for the home, fashion, and lifestyle. Not only is the magazine a quarterly subscription I look forward to, but the website also has an online retail store to purchase some great goods that have been featured and selected by the editors. Product ranges from handbags to pillows. Mom would love to get the mag in the mail and/or receive a GC, where she can shop some Domino style!