The Mellow Month of May

mellow may.jpg

The mellow month of May...or anything, but! Most families, like ours, have a million and one things going on in May. Graduations, Mother's Day, Communions, Birthdays, Labor Day, Weddings. You name it, it's happening, and all within the next 31 days! Z and I have Mother's Day, a graduation, three birthdays (one sister, one niece, and one BFF), and a wedding all within seven days. Sadly, we will miss some celebrations, as we cannot be in Jersey for the whole week, but we get to be there for half the fun, and that is a lot of fun!

Considering all the craziness and party happenings in May, I am finding myself more than ever needing to take a MAJOR chill pill. So, in the event that Summer is fast approaching, and I want to be ready for it, I have decided to give myself a challenge. Cinco de Mayo,Memorial Day and all, doesn't matter the festivities that soon await me, I have decided to make May, my most mellow month. That means one thing mainly (& only) - no booze. I have never done a 30 day drinking detox, but I am doing it this month. I am not giving up everything that's "not good", but the alcohol is a definite. Considering how much I enjoy a refreshing cocktail on the beach or any party I attend, this is going to be a tough one for me, but that's why I am doing it. No pain, no gain. Anyone, want to join? Let's get beach bod ready!! Wish me luck, eeek! xo RCN