Brilliant Birthday

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I promised myself that as I headed into this year, with my birthday marking the beginning of 2018, I wanted to get myself looking as great as ever. With so many things I cannot control in this crazy world, looking great and feeling good (while still eating a cupcake or two) is something I can have a handle on. So, over the past two weeks I began whitening my teeth with Smile Brilliant teeth whitening gel and custom fitted mouth trays. So far, so good! It's been only two weeks and I have already started to notice a difference, and what a relief! As a coffee drinker, wine drinker and someone that just doesn't have the greatest teeth in general, these pearly whites are starting to make me happier than ever. It's true, even as a little girl, my teeth have been one thing I am sometimes self conscious of.

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I created my custom mouth impressions using the putty and mouth guards that Smile Brilliant sent in the mail (all part of the kit). The instructions were uber easy, thankfully, as I was a little nervous at first, but SO easy!! Then, with a return envelope already to go, I mailed the impressions back and eagerly awaited the final permanent mouth pieces. After just a couple weeks, my final whitening trays were here and I was ready to start the whitening process. The whitening gel comes in syringes that are easy to squirt right onto the front inner surface of the mouth trays. I have been using about 1/3 of a syringe per whitening session.

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 The best part about whitening, since my teeth are not too sensitive, is that I have been able to whiten for up to a couple hours at a time, at least 2x day. Sounds like a lot of time to devote to whitening, but Smile Brilliant was pretty much made for multitaskers ;) Last weekend for my last bday hoorah, I baked cupcakes while I whitened in the morning and then finished getting ready for my dinner date with Z at night. I would deem this a brilliant birthday gift. This is one gift that I will keep using so I can continue to reap the benefits. Happy Birthday to me!

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