Longest Lashes From Babe Lash


When my best friend asked if I recently got eyelash extensions, I was thrilled! I did not get extensions, no fakes whatsoever. What a compliment! Thanks to my new favorite beauty product, Babe Lash Eyelash Serum, these longer-looking lashes are all mine and natural.

I've contemplated splurging to get my lashes professionally done for a long time now. Between the cost of what I already spend on nails and hair on a monthly basis, I just haven't been sure about adding to the beauty budget. I was about to make the commitment, because I just really LOVE long lashes, but then I was introduced to Babe Lash Eyelash Serum and no longer needed to consider extensions. A three month supply of Babe Lash comes to 1/3 of the cost if I were to replenish extensions each month. I'm not very good at keeping up with a beauty routine, but decided if anything, long lashes were worth sticking to the routine for a month of Babe Lash to see if I would achieve results. Best news ever - it worked wonders and saved me a lot of money, too! My eyelashes apeared noticeably longer within five weeks.


The serum is super easy to use. I only dip the eyelash brush into the serum once and then apply a thin little line across my lid just above the lashes. One stroke on each eyelid before I go to bed at night after I wash and dry my face. You can even use the serum on eyebrows, which I have just started doing this week. I'll keep you posted on the progress there.


The serum in combination with the Babe Lash Fiber Extend Mascara or Volumizing Mascara, really makes me feel like a modern day Twiggy. I have been switching on and off with either mascara depending whether I need water resistant or not. Beach days, I go for the water resistant volumizing. Girl's night, I go for the fiber extend. I've really been loving the way the Fiber Extend looks. It defines my lashes very clearly, and makes them appear pretty long. The tube is a two in one, mascara and fibers, each in a separate end of the tube. First you apply a coat of the mascara and then while wet, you gently add/press some of the fibers to the lashes, let dry and then add another coat of the mascara. If you have never used something like this before, it only takes one or two times to get used to it and then it's perfection.


Thanks to Babe Lash, one of my followers is going to win a makeup case with Babe Lash Eyelash Serum 2mL (lasts up to 3 months!), Volumizing Mascara, Fiber Extend Mascara and an eyelash comb. I am so excited to share these Babe Lash products with you because they have effortlessly made my lashes appear longer. Head on over to Instagram for your chance to win the Babe Lash giftaway. Best of luck! xo RCN

Parsley and Pom Poms was compensated with complimentary product from Babe Lash in exchange for this honest blog post product review. #ad