Water Filled Weekend

Ethel LOVES to bask in the sun and run around a big yard when she has the chance.  being raised as a nYC apartment dog she considers a back yard total vacation!

This past week my Father had some business down in Miami.  Of course my Mom came along for the trip from NJ (where my parents live) so that we could all spend some time together - mini vacay! 

A friend of my father's has a beautiful beach home in Ocean Ridge, FL, about 1 hour north of us in Miami Beach.  When he heard our family was all going to be in the area he generously offered for my parents, Zach, Ethel (our mini dachshund) and I to come stay for a long weekend.

It was a water filled weekend.  The ocean was crystal clear mimicking the reflection of the beautiful sky.  We began the trip off with a stroll down the sandy beach searching for ocean treasures.  Even the smallest of shells fascinate me.  They are all perfect additions to the many succulent gardens and pots I love planting, adds character.  

Back at the house I Immediately put on my one piece from "Show Me Your Mumu"  okay, totally obsessed!  The serape stripe print pattern matches my favorite beach blanket from our honeymoon in Mexico.  Needless to say it gives me happy vibes.  We spent a lot of time throughout the next few days just chilling; reading books, watching football, having some cold drinks, and taking a nice drive along the coast through Palm Beach.   The weekend would not have been complete without paddle boarding or some surfing, something both my husband and I love to do.  We took out the long board and paddle board just in time for shark feeding.  Being from Jersey we don't think about sharks as much as maybe a Floridian does.  Maybe next time we will plan our timing better, but we made it through!  I will definitely make a point to long weekend again in Palm Beach County.  

xo RCN