10 Date Ideas On A Budget


Lately, we have been making a point to not go out and spend a quadrillion dollars on dinner or entertainment on the weekends. I mean, we still go out, but we definitely consider when, where and what we are doing, more than not. Sometimes, we just stay in on a Saturday night. Maybe, because I have done the all nighters at the bar or club many times before, I am starting to feel okay with staying in on a Saturday night. Here are some ideas to keep date night and date day within a reasonable budget and still quite enjoyable. xo RCN

1. Rent a movie on Netflix and order in from a restaurant rather than go to a restaurant. BUT, try a new cuisine you are unfamiliar with. Order a few dishes and appetizers on the menu that you've never had, share and try together. Indian? Lebanese? Ethiopian? Thai? Try it!! 

2. Organize his closet. This may sound pretty lame, but he may not mind you helping organize everything for/with him. Help him donate old sweaters or throw out some super old white undershirts. Make piles, and drink beer!

3. Pick a favorite board game or card game. We love to play Rummy 500 or Cribbage. Throw a bunch of pillows on the floor, get comfy in your pajamas and just relax and play. Sometimes we even blow up the air mattress in our living room. Light a seasonal appropriate candle and put on your favorite tunes. We have been listening to Bon Over and Kaleo a lot lately, and burning a Yankee Seaside Autumn candle (bought it at Homegoods -it's a grayish color w/ starfish wreath on label). 

4. Sift through some food mags together. Take a quick pic of the ingredient list. Grab a coffee and go grocery shopping together. Then come back home and cook dinner together.

5. Borrow a Wii or Xbox from someone if you don't already have one. Have a video game tournament, just like you are in middle school again. 

6. Plan a workout together on a nice day (or just go to the gym together). I always push myself more when Zach is working out with me. When finished, stop for a fresh smoothie or make one together at home. Avocados, banana, kale, peanut butter, and almond milk are a few of my favorite ingredients.

7. Go to a local farm market or garden nursery where you can do browsing, chatting, and minimal shopping. Bring home a plant or fresh ingredients you can pot or snack on together. I love when Zach comes succulent shopping with me and weighs in on his favorites.

8. Pull out an old puzzle or pick one up from Target, Kmart, wherever, and spend the night working on that and drinking a bottle of wine. 

9. If you like football, how about going to a HS game? Look up the best teams in your area and pick a rival game and go blend in somewhere on the bleachers or hillside. You don't have to know someone on the team to watch a good game. And the snack bar is super cheap! Pack a flask.

10. Picnic lunch to your favorite park, lake, or beach. We usually fill the Yeti with watermelon, wine coolers, and hoagies and head to the beach for an afternoon. One of my absolute favorite date days!