My Everyday Wears

We all have those everyday items we wear, out of necessity or pure joy - sometimes both! Here is a compilation of my everyday items that I just love, love, love. Some, are items that I need, like body lotion for example. Others, are constant reminders of the people, places, and things I cherish most. What are your everyday wears? Click all images below to shop direct. xo RCN

One piece of jewelry that I wear everyday, brings a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband. Zach gifted me this beautiful pair of diamond stud earrings on the morning of our wedding day. I will never forget when Z's cousin, Caleigh, popped into the hair salon and handed me a beautiful little bag topped with a fresh cut lily. Inside, were these stunning diamonds. I have been wearing them as my go to earring everyday, ever since.

I wear lipstick, if not every day, almost every day. I do not wear it to the beach, the gym, or if I wake up and have absolutely no-one to see or nowhere to go that day. Otherwise, I wear it A LOT! My most favorite brand is Chanel. My favorite color is rouge red. I am known to fall asleep with lipstick on and I usually spread it on the pillow case, whoops! For the times I do not wear lipstick, I am always wearing Sun Bum lip balm. 

I am a huge fan of new trendy and/or vintage gold costume jewelry. For Christmas Z gave me a "Z" initial ring from Chloe, which ironically doubles as an "N". I had been wanting a "Z" or "Zachary" ring ever since I was forced to destroy a similar ring, years ago. I had an allergic reaction to a spider bite in the middle of the night and had to cut my Zachary ring off with pliers! This one is just as great and I have been wearing it every day since December 25th.

I am not big on concealer, but I do like the outcome of the natural look I achieve by using Bare Minerals bronzer. Most days I apply a minimum amount of bronzer, only on my cheeks and a bit down my nose and across my forehead/hairline. When dressing for formal occasions I apply the foundation, then bronzer, and finish with the finishing powder for a more professional and complete look. This is the only face makeup I have ever used and it gives a wonderful, natural glow, without a thick application or unfortunate breakout results. You can shop online direct or stop in Ulta to get the perfect match for your skin color.

True story: I have lost a pair of Raybans in Paris, the first day I wore them (pink lenses). I found a pair in Berlin (solid black). I lost a pair in South Africa, I think? (green lenses). I left a pair in Big Sur (the ones I found in Berlin). I am 1-3. Luckily, I still own and possess three more pairs. I wear them often and currently my favorite pair is the classic Aviator, gold frames with orange flash lenses. They sit in a NYC dish besides our front door, where I put them on most mornings before walking Ethel. Wish me luck. My goal is to never lose a pair again.

One of the best trips Z and I ever went on, was a safari trip in South Africa. I have always had a passion for wildlife, but this trip made my heart love even more. Adventuring in a private game reserve and a National park opened my eyes and taught me even more about conservation efforts, contributing to research, and providing support for many endangered species. Though, a small and affordable item, these bead coalition bracelets are a wonderful piece I wear daily that often brings about conversation with other people. It has been a great way to spread awareness about the animals we love and how they need our help the most.

I have mentioned Sun Bum before, and that is because I use it everyday. Not only do I use the aloe lotion with cocoa butter after every shower, but I use the hair shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen (spray & lotion) as well as the many flavors of lip balm - Key Lime is my newest. I am a huge fan of coconut scents. If you also like coconut, then I recommend Sun Bum become part of your beauty regime, like mine!

For my 30th birthday my Mom and Dad gave me a Pisces necklace. It is very dainty and small and is a perfect backdrop to other jewelry I wear upon occasion. The necklace is from Anthropologie, same as the Cancer necklace pictured above, but it is no longer available. has many horoscope and zodiac necklaces that are quite similar. Link will bring you there!

Nike Tempo running shorts are the one and only type of shorts I wear to run and go to the gym. I also wear them to bed most nights and wake up in them, brush my teeth and take Ethel outside for a walk every morning. If you live in Miami Beach, and see a blonde in bright Nike shorts, every morning, walking with a very loud dachshund, that's me! I have many pairs, in many patterns and color combinations. All have been purchased from the Nike store, Nike Outlet, or Dick's Sporting Goods. The built in underwear is my favorite feature - sooo comfortable! ;)