Ruffles & Relaxation


Saturday night was day night for Z and me. Nothing too fancy, though I decided to throw on some heels and some ruffles. I have been wanting a ruffle skirt like this for quite some time now. When I discovered this steal at Mango, I knew it was the one. The cotton ruffle top from Club Monaco was a perfect style match. The open ruffled cap sleeves kept my arms mostly uncovered, perfect to stay cool in the heat. It was still very humid from all the rain earlier that day. My hair decided to frizz beyond belief and looked best in a messy bun. Easy for me! Since the rain finally subsided we decided to enjoy time outside in one of our favorite spots, Lido at the Standard Hotel. We sat bayside for a cold drink and then off to our favorite pizza place just a few minutes away, Lucali. Then, home for cards and a movie - our favorite past time. We play Rummy 500 a lot. We are currently tied in matches. I'll have to change that this upcoming weekend! Shop my R&R look below. xo RCN

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