Terracotta Pot Bread


One of my most favorite stores in the world is the Terrain in Glen Mills, PA. For anyone that has eaten at their Garden Cafe, you know the bread is served in a terracotta pot, quite fitting for the garden center. I decided I wanted to learn and replicate this unique way of serving bread, before I even realized they came out with a kit, sold HERE. It would make for a great gift this holiday. Otherwise, try it out on your own like me. It will be worth it if you are making the bread for more than 4 people. I purchased my pots for around $0.70 each. Either way, using the kit or DIY, this bread will make your dinner guests smile this holiday. xo RCN 


3" diameter terracotta pots (bout mine at A.C Moore)

Bread dough, I used Italian loaf dough from the deli Bakery at ShopRite. If your grocery store does not already sell premade dough cut into individual serving size, ask the Bakery department, they may have loaves of dough behind the counter ready to sell (like the pizza dough)

Sea Salt


Olive Oil


Holiday Ribbon


If buying the pots at a craft store or garden center (not a bake shop), like AC Moore or Lowe's, be sure to rinse and season the pots in advance. Cover the exterior of pots with Crisco and the interior of pots with olive oil. Place onto cookie sheets so the pots are easy to handle and move inland out of the oven. Bake the pots on 425F for 20 minutes. Repeat steps 2-3x for a good season. 



Follow instruction on the bread dough packaging. If using loaves of dough, be sure to let rise for a few hours in a warm setting, covered with damp towels. Once dough has risen, cut into equal size, approximately 2.5" by 2.5" (or slightly smaller) pieces. One loaf should make about 10 pots.


Butter or spray with baking Pam, the interior of pots one last time and then drop a piece of dough into each pot. Place pots back onto baking sheets and follow baking directions on dough package (should be around 15-20 min at 400-425 or until risen and golden brown). Once removing pots from oven glaze with A LOT of melted butter, sea salt, and fresh cut rosemary before serving. For a final touch trim pot with festive holiday ribbon to add to your table setting ambience. Enjoy!