It's 2018 and I am feeling it! Literally, I have never been more happy to have a fresh start. I have a lot of goals for this year and thought I would share a dozen of them with you! xo RCN

1. First and foremost, I want to focus on my blog. I was very sidetracked this past year and I want to refocus, especially on Parsley and continuously creating new and exciting content.

2. Schedule workouts 3-5x a week. I know 5x a week is optimal, but I need to be realistic here so 3-5x is a good start for me.

3. Hire a dog trainer for Ethel. We have found one, but we await scheduling based on our upcoming move. Yes we are moving again! (to another spot in Miami, TBD)

4. Learn to golf - will need Z's help on this one.

5. Grow my plant collection. Obvi.

6. Spend more time in the water. I spend a lot of time around the water, but I want to be in it more, and be more active with it, not just use it as a place to drink frosΓ©. EX: paddleboarding, and swimming for exercise.

7. Schedule a dermatology appointment and get my skin checked. I am ashamed to admit I have not already been doing this. 

8. Meditate & attempt yoga for my mental health. Stress and emotions have taken a major toll on me over the last few years and I want to do my best to relax my mind as best as possible. I just started using the app Headspace and love it!

9. Get a bike! This is happening sooner than later.

10. Write more letters. I have tons of pretty papers and cards. I want to put it all to good use. 

11. Go thrifting somewhere I have never thrifted before. I thought long and hard about things that make me happy, and this is one of them. So, this year I want to do this in either a planned fashion or spontaneous way. It will happen. Hopefully, more than once. 

12. Donate more clothes. I have too many pretty things that are going to waste in my closet. I want to make a point to really part with some of them, even though it may be difficult.