This Is 30 Gift Guide

My outlook on turning 30 is simple and good. 30 is the same as being 20, but maybe even better, right!? And after all, if it is just as good as my 20s, then I think I will be in pretty good shape.

I lived a full life in my 20s and had a wonderful time. Yet, there are a few things I did or dealt with then, that I am glad I no longer have to conquer or do in life, ever again. Nothing terrible, just things that I am happy to have accomplished, signed and sealed. College, for example, it was a blast, but at the end of the day I don't want to study for midterms or worry about getting my first "real" job, ever again. Zach and I were married at 25. It was the most beautiful day of my entire life and I wouldn't change a thing. That being said, I am so happy I am married and don't ever have to worry about finding the man of my dreams, ever again. I am blessed we nailed the forever thing down in our 20s.

Then, there are the things that I am glad will stay the same from my 20s to 30s. At 21, I was legal to drink champagne, mojitos, and all my favorite libations. The same will happen in my 30s, as I am glad there is not a law to revoke drinking at 31. I traveled around the world in my 20s and I for sure hope that fortune continues. I plan on it. I worked really hard at my career over the last decade, and I plan on doing the same for the next ten years, no matter what I end up doing each day. 

So, 30 for me is about continuing to live and love life and build dreams. I want to grow a bigger family with my husband, explore new places, and find a forever home that I can put as much wallpaper and hang as many plants from the ceiling as I desire. With all those additions to the things that continue from my 20s, I am projecting my 30s to be the best years yet. Cheers to 30! Here is my birthday gift guide for anyone that is turning 30, 20, or older! All are based on the thoughtful presents my loved ones gifted me this year. xo RCN