Miami Beach Botanical Gardens


After Hurricane Irma, pretty much all of the South Florida region has needed a major make over and clean up session. Majority of landscaping and natural fauna was damaged and destroyed. I was amazed at how powerful the "not eye" of the storm was. I mean, thousands of pounds of giant palm trees and mangroves were completely uprooted. I have been wanting to take a walk over to the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens for quite some time now, and thought now would be a perfect time. Though, the gardens are not nearly as covered in green perfection as a month ago, the grounds have started undergoing the major clean up. Palm trees have been stilted and down trees, plants and branches have been cleared. The garden remains a wonderful city escape. The oasis is full of butterflies, the sounds of water fountains, and plenty of Florida sun peering through the many floral bushes and palmetto branches that survived the storm. It will only take a short while before new sprouts grow and the natural pruning of the storm will result in more beauty. #floridastrong xo RCN