Museum of Ice Cream Miami


This museum is very representative of the insta generation. After all, in attendance beside me this past weekend was a much more popular than I, insta famous celeb (pup) known as Doug the Pug. Also, there may have been more than one or two girls making outfit changes by room as their personal photographer followed. For real though, this place is fabulous and FUN. An afternoon spent at the Museum of Ice Cream, is an afternoon spent doing some of my favorite things like taking a million pictures of colorful wallpaper, playing corn hole on a rooftop aside the sea, making pink sand castles (!!), swimming in a giant pool of fake sprinkles and stuffing myself with ice cream in multiple forms and flavors including a milkshake with cherry atop, a key lime scoop on a cone, mango mochi worth the brain freeze and a chocolate covered banana that was possibly my favorite chocolate covered banana to date. 

My first attempt at tix to the museum didn't work out as Miami was sold out through February, but I was happy and lucky to score tickets after they extended their stay here on the Beach through April. Thank you God, because wow, I really like ice cream and enjoyed the afternoon spent with Z surrounded by pink spaces and cold treats. Good news for any fellow South Floridian or Cali kid, the museum is still currently exhibiting in both San Francisco & Miami w/ some tix still available. Bon appetit! xo RCN