Weekend Bahamas Cruise: Norwegian Sky


This birthday weekend, I definitely partied like it was my birthday. I enjoyed the sunny beach, pool time overlooking the endless ocean blue and multiple meals consisting primarily of tropical frozen drinks... for three days straight. Oh, and I spent my nights dancing, gambling, and imbibing in prosecco. 31 started off a little bougie and oh so enjoyable!

Without a doubt, I recommend this Norwegian Sky all inclusive (booze) cruise to any couple or group of friends that love music, cocktails, and sunshine. The quick trip from Friday evening to Monday morning, leaving from Miami and cruising two days to the Bahamas, was the perfect amount of time for a total blast and made for a grand, but not budget breaking birthday celebration, anniversary, or bachelorette bash.


There's a spa on board, entertainment including comedians and musical competitions, shuffleboard (we had fun!), DJs and a lot more. The food wasn't so bad either. You have the option for casual buffet fare or a sit down dinner that is either a la cart (if you want sushi or a steak) or included in the cruise package.

The three nights on board, feeling all alone in the middle of the ocean, was both romantic and pure fun. Z and I split our evenings roaming and discovering different bars and lounges + sitting our butts at the Roulette table. Morning breakfasts were enjoyed docked aside the Bahamian islands Nassua and Stirrup Cay, and followed by hours during the day spent on the beach soaking in the sun with drinks and book in hand. What a treat this Birthday was! One for the books. xo RCN

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