NYC: Nolita


If you are looking for an adorable (and very pink) place to eat and drink in Manhattan, head down (or up) to Nolita. Nolita stands for North of Little Italy, and by golly is this neighborhood worth the stop. Ever since Pietro Lolita and Cha Cha Matcha took root, bloggers, tourists, and locals have flooded the hotspots, and trust me it's worth it. These two, hip and vibrant restaurant and cafes, are just around the corner from one another. Grab a yummy steak sandwich from Pietro, or one of the mouth watering cocktails. Then complete your trendy food tour by grabbing a beautiful tea, to go, at Cha Cha Matcha. Each place is dreamy in their own way. Pietro is pink from head to toe, or as they like to call it, "Pink As F***". Excuse my language! Cha Cha is a tropic getaway in the crowded streets of NY, where on a hot day like the one we visited, you can cool down with a delectable iced ginger matcha drink or a matcha soft ice-cream twist. The tall, thin, hipster guy working the register is the nicest man, ever! A little customer service goes a long way, no wonder people keep coming back! I couldn't help myself, but order a warm drink just for the powdered palm trees. You can't get that on an iced matcha ;) Be sure to make a stop at both next time your in the neighborhood! xo RCN