Farm Fresh: Mullica Hill Edition


One of my favorite things to do, when visiting our family in Jersey, is to check out the latest and greatest at the local farm stands and markets. Near my parent's house, there are numerous flower stands, nurseries, honor wagons, and farm markets where you can select from freshly picked fruits, veggies, potted plants and/or homemade jams, cider donuts, etc. What a delight! New Jersey goes by the "Garden State" for a reason ;) Here are a few of my favorites spots in Mullica Hill, NJ. xo RCN


Mood's Farm Market: located at 901 Bridgeton Pike Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

In Fall time, it's the perfect place to take the kids on a hayride for apple or pumpkin picking. There's a corn maze, too! This charming farm market has a stocked pantry of jams, pickles, ciders, etc. The interesting selection of gourds, including Apple Gourds, is one of my favorite offerings. Almost any day of the week, make sure to get there early to score some fresh apple cider donuts - delish! Bring those home, and then order the peach slushy for there.


Bast Brother's Garden Center: located at 1214 Ellis Mill Rd Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

This garden center may have only opened in Spring 2015, but this dreamy floral haven is already a favorite of mine. The family run business is on a precious plot of land with a hand built barn gift shop and separate succulent/cacti house - where the pumpkin painting station is located in Fall (only $2, the price of your pumpkin). And, worth mentioning, the Bast Brothers have the most beautiful pumpkin offering I have seen in all of South Jersey. The ornamental pepper plants are pretty rad, too. 


Rosie's Farm Market: located at 317 Swedesboro Rd Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

I go here for the fruits and vegetables, and I usually walk away with sunflowers, mums, and pumpkins, too. There's nothing better than buying farm fresh food from a hard working family run farm. Rosie's has been around since the 70's officially, but Rosie herself has been selling under an umbrella, roadside, since the 60's. If I am ever unsure of what veggies will be available when I pull up to the red barn, surrounded by colorfully painted signs by the grandchildren, I can always check the availability chart online before I hop in the car. Thanks Rosie!