Always Visit Terrain


Every time I am in the South Jersey area visiting family, I make a point to stop at Terrain. Located only about thirty minutes from my parent's home in NJ, across the bridge, in Pennsylvania, lives my favorite store experience. Founded in 2008 as a garden nursery in Glen Mills, PA, Terrain has now grown to be a lifestyle joy, inclusive of home goods, fashion accessories, and more. From the cutest floral gardening boots to the warmest wool socks and greatest cookbook, everything is merchandised throughout a greenhouse style space surrounded by flowers and plants of the season. I fell in love with Terrain the moment I stepped foot, back in 2011. So much so, that I had a few custom made terrariums designed for table decor at my wedding. Zach and I, and our parents, still house the terrariums in each of our homes, today. 

I continued my tradition to visit Terrain while I was home this Thanksgiving. Zach and I met up with a friend for lunch at the Styer's Garden Cafe. The farm to table restaurant on site is yet another reason why Terrain is an entire lifestyle experience. The food and coffee tastes as delicious as the plants and decor look. After galavanting around the winter wonderland, I sat at the cafe with Danny and Zach sipping on a warm apple pie latte and catching up on everything Z and I have missed in Jersey over the last few months. 

This November and December the tree farm and outside nurseries, dawn beautiful handcrafted evergreen wreaths and magnolia leaf garlands. The warm and magical atmosphere screams holiday cheer and captures you in a world you will always want to take home with you, including the adorable wooden sleigh (perfect for holiday family pics!). If you live, frequent, or stumble through the Glen Mills, PA area or Westport, CT. make an effort to visit. I promise you will not regret it. And, if you are lucky enough to be near the newly opened Anthro & Co. in Walnut Creek, CA. or Palo Alto, CA., also enjoy exploring Terrain there. xo RCN